The project

Femmes Lumiere is a women’s leadership platform with a mission to inspire, empower and support young African women worldwide in their personal and professional growth through different channels including text, podcast, video, photography, events and publications.

The digital platform highlights the stories of African women and of African-descent, from all walks of life and generations, who are making a difference in their communities through their ideas, initiatives, and outstanding leadership. Whether they are entrepreneurs, artists, activists, writers, thinkers, scientists and thought-leaders, they bring new solutions to the important issues of our time and contribute, in their own way, to build a better society. Femmes Lumiere gives a voice to remarkable women whose unique stories and journeys have the potential to inspire a new generation of African women, and positively transform the way they see themselves.

A Femme Lumiere is a woman of impact. She carries within her the seed of change. She works for her welfare and that of her community. She is talented, bold, resilient, educated, honest, worthy. She is a source of hope, an architect of change, a spreader of light. She shares her knowledge and wisdom with others, and plants within them the seed of change.