Ging: A Drink Changing The Lives of Rural Women in Ivory Coast

Antoinette Botti is a Norway-based social entrepreneur from Ivory Coast. Owner of the brand Ging founded in 2012, she works with rural women in Ivory Coast to produce, sell and market a healthy ginger drink made from natural ingredients and inspired by a traditional West African recipe: “Gnamakoudji”, a powerful drink made of ginger root that is often used as an expectorant, pain reliever and body warmer.

KmerPad: Keeping Girls in School During Menstruation

In a workshop located in a suburb of Yaounde, a group of seamstresses produce washable and reusable cloth menstrual pads with cotton sourced locally. These pads will then be distributed in supermarkets, pharmacies and donated in rural communities across Cameroon. Olivia Mvondo Boum is the founder of KmerPad, a cooperative whose mission is to improve […]

Women of Kessounou

Kessounou is a village located in the Dangbo town in the Republic of Benin, often affected by floods during rainy season, thus causing several health and social issues. At the heart of this community, women have a sacred role in the local economy and the development of the village. Through their activities, they are able […]